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Aztral is a character in the virtual 3D world - Second Life Online.

Not originally from 'here', he comes from the future and a distant part of the galaxy. On his planet, it was the 'lupis' species (not awkward primates) who evolved to create wonderous technolgies, invented warp-drive, and discovered time-travel.

Since his world is more technically advanced than the Second Life world, you'll find he can do 'everything' in Second Life-build, create textures, make 3D sculptmaps (sculpties) and script.

Although usually quite busy, he can often be found at Aztral's Airport working on his Airplanes, Spaceships. or various other products he creates for the Second Life community. On occasion, he may also be commissioned for Second Life Scripting.

Aztral has started to amass quite abit Second Life Real Estate and can usually find nice Rental Property for those looking.

Aztrals~Your source for Second Life info, Services, and Products

Aztral's Airport is a public Airport, Skyport and Spaceport on the mainland in the 3D virtual world - Second Life. It is free to use and is here for all to enjoy and Have Fun!

Aztral's Airport has actually been in Second Life a number of years, but due to land purchases it has been expanding rapidly to now occupy 18k square meters of the old-world sim 'Hibdon.'

The airport is located near many open and protected sims to fly around in. In fact, to the east is an entire 'rare' protected forest sim!

There's always something going on here! Flights taking off, contests being held, airplanes being refueled, star pilots docking and FREE drinks, pool, and dancing up at the Skybar.

More fun is in the works as well-soon there will be shuttle flights to other parts of the airport, and inbound / outbound flights from / to various other mainland Second Life sims.

Aztrals~Your source for Second Life info, Services, and Products

If you're into Drag Racing you can find it at Aztral's Drag Strip.

This is actually the product demo for Aztral's Drag Strip Rezzor but anyone should feel free to enjoy it. Bring your car or bike and race your friends. It is set to allow anyone to change the various settings such as 'PRO' or 'SPORTSMAN' lights, or running a special E/T or Speed class.

And there's a TOP TEN board-no prizes being awarded yet for fastest runs, but stay tuned.

You can find out more about the drag strip on my Products page, or buy a copy right at the track.

Lastly, you can earn some big L$ in Second Life if you pick up a free copy of the Drag Strip Affiliate Program while here. Place this vendor in any Second Life store having to do with cars or motorcycles and it should sell well.

Aztrals~Your source for Second Life info, Services, and Products

The last of my favorite places I'd like to share with you is Memorial to Nietzsche.

Nietzsche (a Doberman mix) 1993-2007 was my real life best friend for many years-it broke my heart to see him...go. In fact over two years later and I still feel great loss. So I built him a memorial.

He was such a good 'dog' - full of love. Love for people, love for other animals and love for flowers-he really loved flowers so you'll find lots of them on his memorial land.

If you'd care to visit and just relax-please feel free. If you have a 'virtual pet' you'd also like to 'rez' here-he'd enjoy the company. Nietzsche was always gentle to every creature no matter how large or small so this place is 'hopefully' as peaceful as he was.

-I miss you Buddy!


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